Posted by: heatherlehrman | July 26, 2011

My plane experiences

Its 6:49PM. I am beginning this incredible journey. I watched my plane take off on the little screen in front of my seat. I love not knowing what’s ahead of me. Its exhilarating and I need this.

In the airport I very easily went through security. I went to gate 4 which was where I would be boarding. Instead of sitting in between people in the seats, I decided to sit on the window sill in this little hall way and watch the plane roll in and the little people do their thing. All of the sudden 7 beautiful Muslim woman came into the little hallway and put their blankets down and started praying. After they were through one of them asked about my life. As for them, it turns out they are young girls concluding their journey in NY, Boston and Washington D.C. and are going home to Turkey.

I eventually got up and then met this girl who turned out to be on my trip going to TAU!  Her name is Taj. She is a cool hipster from Oregon. I feel lucky that I met her because I don’t feel so alone on the plane and it’s good to know that I have a friend to hang out with in Istanbul. Who knows, she could be my new best friend. She is sitting four rows in front of me as well!

I sat down at my seat and took a good look around. This kind, Turkish woman is to the left of me and a man named David is to the left of her. We are in the center of this very large plane. The ladies name is Itul from my understanding.  David turns out to be a philosopher and his specialty is on anxiety and everything that has to do with FOMO. He had never heard about it though, but he wrote it down. He is going to turkey to see his girlfriend whom he is extremely in love with.

At take off I read 4 plane letters from 4 very special people. Some made me laugh and some made me cry. Good cry though. I am very lucky to have so many friends ad family supporting my every move.

The lady with the drink cart is coming and I have to pee.

There will be more where this came from.

Until then, cheers

Later that night…

Flight fun: the man to my right is Sanan. He is on his way home to Turkey – he lives in Turkey’s capitol. He was in America with his family for 3 weeks. He went to Albany and Woodbury Commons! His family is adorable. 2 girls and a son. His son is 21 and is born on April 27. He taught me how to say thank you in Turkish: but I forget 🙂

Later that night…. The bathroom is small. I’m have 7020 m. left. Flying over Nova Skotia NBD. I am flying at 60880 m. And in listening to Adele. It’s 2:45AM
Later that night…. It’s 5:50 my time aka 10:50 am your time. I fell asleep for a while but not for long. I woke up to a sad baby. I have a few thoughts on my mind… I’m wondering why all of these people are on this plane, I’m wondering where they are going, why that baby is crying so hard and im wondering what my family is doing RIGHT this second.  I bet you my mom is in the living room watching tv, dad is sleeping or with mom, Ash is probably downstairs in bed or out and Michelle I hope is doing something with a friend but she’s most likely exhausted from BAA so she’s probably calling it a night. Also, the chubis are in the living room or in mom and dads room.

Maybe I’m curious because I cant ask them mid air. Isn’t that the worst? Wanting to ask someone something or tell them something but you can’t. Time is nothing but everything all at the same time.

I really thought my experience with Turkish airlines was going to he sketchy as crum but actually it has been quite lovely. I am sitting near great people, I got socks, lip balm, an eye mask, a blanket (that I’m keeping), a pillow, head phones, bottles of water, a million options of movies, music and TV shows and overall I cannot complain.

Later that night… It is midnight EST. I am literally young and restless. Can’t sleep and can’t sit still.

I watched the movie “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler. It was pretty good- I cannot wait to get off this plane. My eyes feel like they weigh one million pounds. I want to brush my teeth too. #firstworldproblems …..anyone???

Only 47 minutes left on this flight!!!! I’ve slept an hour total – eeek.

After the 12.5 hour flight I finally landed in Istanbul, Turkey! It was a really stressful experience because my phone didn’t work which bothered me and also, I only had 15 minutes to get to my next flight. But I made it safely and I met two lovely Israelis and they already invited me to their home!

Landing in Israel was overwhelming and exhausting! I am POOPED. Israel is AWESOME! I can’t believe I’m here, in the desert, across the world from most of my friends and family. And to think that this is all just beginning!



  1. OMG!! Who ever she or He may be. I am so proud of you for following your dream. In case you do not remember me I am a friend of your Mom’s (One of the very greatest Women I will ever know!.) I am so very thrilled for your great adventure.

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