Posted by: heatherlehrman | July 30, 2011

Is this real?

Today was a good day overall.  I woke up extremely late and rushed to the store to buy groceries before it closed down for Shabbat. I got a lot of food for only 150 shekels!

After shopping, a bunch of us went to the beach right near the university (for the third day in a row!!)

Once we got back we all showered and made a small and lovely Shabbos dinner- 4 of us contributed something we bought and it was so nice to do a simple Shabbos dinner with people on my trip. We did the blessings and all.  I think that made my night.

After a few drinks we decided to hit the bars in Tel Aviv.  We were going to go to a club called Yaya except we never made it- we decided to sit at a bar on the beach in Tel Aviv. Mind you this beach is HUGE and gorgeous.  We walked along the water for a while. The water is so warm and the sand is like flour.

This trip thus far is unbelievable. Yet I don’t feel like i am in a foreign country. I feel so comfortable which is good but I want to feel like I am in a culture shock. Maybe I feel this way because I haven’t left Tel Aviv yet. I will be going to Jerusalem next weekend. I hope it hits me then.

I have yet to find the moon.



  1. You MUST find the moon!! I want to see a pic!!!!
    Love you – miss you!

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