Posted by: heatherlehrman | August 2, 2011

My findings

I am living in Tel Aviv Ramat which is just outside of Tel Aviv.  Ramat Aviv reminds me of Miami, FL.

I finally went into Tel Aviv to explore the city with my friend Chip. We wondered for about 4 hours. The streets in the middle of the city reminded me of Italy (from what I’ve seen from pictures and movies that is). They’re narrow and full of color. There are also extremely busy streets and traveling on them during rush hour is the worst. I tried my first shwarma which was an experience and I ate some bogus ice cream. This ice cream was watery and had a funky after-taste. We also made it to the water front and watched the sun set which was awesome.

We got lost trying to find the right bus back to the university and not even meaning to, we stumbled upon this huge protest against how expensive it is to live in Tel Aviv. It has been going on since I’ve been here. Thousands of people have tents set up all along this one street and the people sit around playing music, drinking, eating and shmoozing all day and night. It is more so like a hippy fest than a hard core protest. It was really interesting to see. There are pictures on my facebook.

My Ulpan class is going well – it is 4.5 hours long Sunday-Thursday. Unfortunately I get a lot of homework. But I am learning ivrit!

I saw my first fat person in Israel yesterday! So many people are active and fit. Everywhere you go people are running, biking and doing things to stay in shape.  Also, the food is so yummy! It’s funny because the veggies are so small in Israel and so big in America because they inject everything with steroids to make things bigger. The cucumbers here are the size of a big pickle.

I am having an amazing time in Israel. I haven’t seen much yet, but that will change soon.  I walk around everyday and people come up to you and start conversations. Everyone is so friendly and care free. The people have no stress and worry about nothing. Materialistic things are not important to people here and I love that! I hope that one day I can be as relaxed as Israeli’s are.



  1. LMAO! You are looking for fat people!! You are truly my kid!!

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