Posted by: heatherlehrman | August 5, 2011

Haifa adventures

Let me start of by saying I took a train for the first time in Israel today. They are exactly like the NJ transit- the train station is also walkable from my dorm which is awesome.

Chip (my typical travel buddy) and I got off the train and had no idea where we were going so we just decided to walk until we found a main road. Luckily we found the road where the Bahai Shrine and gardens is. We walked up this main road and went to this restaurant that seemed nice but our food was not so nice. I got a tuna sandwich that was warm and that freaked me out. So I just ate the salad and a lot of bread. Everyone knows that I love food, but the food there did not do it for me!

We got up to the gate of the Bahai Shrine (we were at the very bottom of course) – they let us in and we started going up the steps and when we got to the top of the first set of steps there was a sign that said we couldn’t go through. We were so disappointed because we thought we would be able to go straight up. We ended up taking an alternative route which was two longggggg flights of steps that went on and on and on forever. This route was to the left of the shrine and once we got to the top (huffing and puffing) we looped around. The shrine had just closed to the public so we couldn’t go in it but we were able to get close.

We took a sherut (cab) up this steep hill (it was about a 2 minute drive) to the tippy top and took pictures and then we walked all the way down to where the shrine was and then down all of the steps we had previously hiked up. I wish I had counted them – I’d guess it was about 2,000.

When we got down to the bottom, we got gelato which was delicious. Then we headed back to the train station.
The trip was awesome because it was only a 4.5 hour trip! We would have stayed longer but the trains stop for Shabbat. The trip cost me 115 shekels total with train, lunch, the sherut (cab), and gelato ($33). I’m so glad i got to see more of Israel. I can’t wait to take more sojourns!

Haifa was absolutely breathtaking!! Check out the pictures on my facebook.


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