Posted by: heatherlehrman | August 11, 2011

My days in Israel

A random fact you might not know:

The stoplights in Israel turn yellow before green… Someone told me it is because they drive manual cars here and that it is a sign to shift gears so all they have to do is hit the gas when the light turns green.

While walking the streets of Tel Aviv, I noticed that stores that sell fruit, hang their bananas. There are hanging bananas left and right! I will take a picture the next time I see that.

The other day I got a call from Dana, who is one of my Israeli friends from camp. She was a security guard last summer. I was so happy to hear from her because I had been trying to get a hold of her since the day I got to Israel. Along with my luck of hearing from her, it turned out that she was in Tel Aviv for the day! So I headed to the beach to meet her there. I was so good to see her. We just hung out for a couple of hours. Dana is from Nahariyya, which is just above Haifa. I am going to go visit her soon so she can show me around her area.

I went to Jaffa on Tuesday to explore and go to the flee market. I went on Tisha B’av, which is a holy day in Israel. You fast on this day so a lot of restaurants and stores were closed. Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world. The buildings are SO old but really cool. Unfortunately, it is a pretty dirty area and I’m not sure why. The market is awesome- they sell all kinds of things from scarves and jewelry to home goods. The stores are really nice as well. I went to this delicious Arabic restaurant in Jaffa. I got falafel that was to die for. The beach there is beautiful.

Yesterday, (8/10/11) I went on a tour with my program to Neve Tzedik, which is this small area within Tel Aviv. They call it the white city. It was the second biggest neighborhood built after Jaffa. It has a lot of history about art and writing and I got to see a lot of the cool buildings and structures. It was a lovely little area.

I finally found the moon ☺


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