Posted by: heatherlehrman | September 5, 2011

Cesarea and the shooting range

I went to Cesarea a few weeks ago, which is the ancient port city in Israel. It is located mid-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It is one of the richest places in Israel.  We only went to one area, which was ancient and had sculptures, the outside theater and a beach view.

The best thing I saw was the outside theater. My tour group climbed to the top of the seats and my tour guide asked if anyone sings and if he/she wanted to sing on the giant stage. She said that you can hear a person singing without a microphone from any seat in the theater. No one else raised their hand so my friends told the tour guide that I sing and that I would go up. Then everyone cheered me on until I got up. So I did it! I sang a song called Kayitz, which is my solo song in my A Cappella group from Binghamton, Kaskeset! Shout out!

Later that night, we watched the sun set and we stayed in the area to watch a not so “jazz” concert. It was a nice day- nothing really special happened there but it was a cool place to see.

Today (9.1.11)  Dollars for Learning took us to a shooting range in Jerusalem. We shot 9-millimeter semi automatic pistols. It was really scary. I almost backed out, but I ended up doing it.  When we got there, the instructor said, “Ok everyone who is a righty go to this side of the room and everyone who is a lefty go to this side of the room”. Of course, I was the only lefty so I had to wait until the end to be taught how to use the pistol.  It was an overall really fun trip and I am glad I went!



  1. At least we know you will never be a mobster!

    Did anyone video you singing??

  2. Did anyone drop a penny down when you were at the top? The way the amphitheater was built you can actually hear it pretty loud when it drops. Amazing. Would have loved to hear you sing there!!
    Can’t believe you went shooting and you hit the target quite a few times when you went shooting. VERY IMPRESSED. Going to be real careful near you when you get home. LOL
    xoxoxo Mother Other

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