Posted by: heatherlehrman | September 18, 2011

My Golan Heights experiences!

My group left the dorms at 6AM. We were headed for the Golan Heights Winery. The bus ride was about 3 hours long- everyone fell asleep.

When we got there, we went on a really cool tour of the winery.. They showed us the barrels of wine, where they make the wine and then enjoyed some wine tasting! They gave us a red, a white and a desert wine. I decided I really don’t like red wine, only white. We had Gamla White Riesling, which was delicious as well as Golan Moscato (an old favorite). I forgot to mark down which red wine we drank.

After the wine tasting, most people had bought a bottle or two so we all enjoyed some more wine! We referred to this as drinking “lehiyums”. We went through quite a lot of bottles.

About an hour later the bus came, and we went to the Kayak/Rafting place. We rafted for about 45 minutes on the Jordan River. It was interesting being “tipsy” and rafting. But so worth it! The water was pretty calm but was rough enough where we didn’t have to row much. Once we made it to the end spot of the rafting, we took a tractor back to the main campgrounds. We ate lunch and enjoyed some more lehiyums and then headed over to the Moshav.

We stayed on a Moshav called Keshet. The rooms we stayed in fit 4 in each and we were all in one little area. When we got there, everyone quickly showered and got ready for Shabbat. We ate a huge dinner and then just hung around.

Saturday, we went on a tour of the Moshav. We stopped at some cool look out places. (See facebook). For the rest of the day, we pretty much just hung around the Moshav. There were students from Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion and Hebrew University so we got to meet a lot of new people, which was nice.

Overall great time.

This weekend I discovered that I don’t think I will ever be Shomer Shabbat. Although it was a really fun weekend, it was extremely religious and I wasn’t into it at all. I’ve decided that Shabbat to me is about being with family and friends and relaxing, not necessarily shutting technology out. It is not that I can’t go a day without texting or checking my email, but I don’t feel that it is necessary for me to cut those things out.

I guess I am learning more about myself then I thought.



  1. LOVE that they pumped you full of wine, THEN put you in a boat!!!!

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