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Eurotrip Part 2 – Barcelona

Our next stop was Barcelona!

Some interesting things I saw:

–       Multiple people with walking problems – Young and older people with canes and what not

–       We asked cops to take a picture of the three of us and they said no! They were standing there doing nothing.  I will talk more about the cops later on.

–       We saw a lot of fake red hair

–       We were walking down this street and there was some kind of parade going on and the three of us pushed through the crowd to get to the front of it so we could see what was going on. JUST as we got to the front, this massive dance party with drums and kids and singing woman started. I had been video taping it and I caught the moment where it went from the women chanting something to all of the loud music and movement. It was so cool.

–       I was walking around and I smelled my mothers perfume (Shalimar) and mm it smelled yummy. Made me miss my mama though.

Our first meal was seafood payaya and sangria. All 3 of us got it. It was very tasty except for the fact that I got sick from it and vomited a few times.  I think there were scallops in it. But the sangria was so good! At this restaurant we talked to the waiter, Jon who was a funny guy. He liked Jena. He kept saying, “ahhh Juan and Juena.” We kept cracking up. We were supposed to meet him back at the restaurant that night to go out in Barcelona with him but we didn’t end up going out. That night we explored a bit and walked around the famous street, La Rambla! It is a very touristy street but it was cool to walk on.

The next day we went to Sagrada Familia, which is a Roman Catholic Church. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The building of it started in 1882 and it is still on going to this day. The expected year of completion is supposed to be in 2040.  Antoni Gaudi was the man who took over the plans of the Sagrada Family and made the sketches for this building. He died in 1926 by a tramcar during construction. His tomb is in the museum area (underneath the church). Sagrada familia is a gothic structure. The inside was just stunning (see pictures above). The pope has visited this church and actually declared it a holy place of prayer. (

Later that afternoon we went to a market (very similar to a shuk). There were fruits, veggies, sangria, smoothies, meats and fish. We were having a great time just walking around enjoying each other’s company and looking at all of the delicious things to eat. Let me just say they sell sangria in Barcelona like they sell candy bars on the streets of NYC.  Ariella and Jena stumbled upon a delicious looking meat stick with cheese and one cracker on top. They both got it and loved it. It did look delicious but I didn’t get one because I was still full from our lunch (we got tapas – small sized sandwiches and appetizers).

*** One very important fact: Ariella is deathly allergic to nuts, peanuts and eggs. She carries an EpiPen with her at all times. ***

So we carry on and left the market. At that point we were tired and wanted to sit in McDonalds to get some wifi and relax for a bit. Ariella comes out of the bathroom and says she is having an allergic reaction and she is going to use her EpiPen. And so she did. She had to jam it into her thigh. We think it was the meat stick (the cracker probably had egg in it). Maybe something had touched some kind of nut – we have no idea and it doesn’t matter. It was very scary to watch her use it. But she was a champion. She ended up going back to the hostel to rest because she also took a Benadryl and was tired.

While Ariella was resting in the hostel, Jena and I walked around La Rambla for a bit. Eventually we went back to the hostel to check up on Ariella – we had plans to pick her up, get dinner and head over to the airport that night (for Rome). When we got to the hostel we met this Israeli, Dolev who actually lives in Tel Aviv. Dolev was ending his post-IDF yearlong worldwide trip. Barcelona was his last stop. Before we could go to dinner we had to find a pharmacy that sold EpiPens. Ariella always has 2 on her at all times but since she used one, she needed to get another because we still had 2 countries to go to and she wanted to play it safe. After we searched far and wide we finally found a pharmacy that sold them.

Ariella was feeling much better and we were all relieved to have found another EpiPen for her. The four of us decided to go to dinner together. We went to La Rambla Street, and Ariella decided that she wanted to eat at McDonalds because it was safe and she knew the ingredients and could trust the food. At that point she wasn’t trying to explore her taste buds. She just wanted to have food in her stomach. We all agreed it was a good idea and we could eat fast food one time. So we go to McDonalds and we are all sitting around a circular table having a good time. Ariella and I (being the fat kids that we are) go down stairs to get more food. This McDonalds was three floors and we were on the second floor. As we got up I said to Jena, “Watch our bags.” I watched Ariella kick her bag towards Jena’s chair. We get more food and are enjoying that and we realize that it is time to head over to the bus that would take us to the airport.  We stand up to get our bags and we realize that Ariellas bag was missing. Long story short, it was stolen. THANK GOODNESS she had her passport, money, and credit cards and one EpiPen in her little side bag that was on her body. The only thing that was taken that was worth anything was her glasses, contacts, camera, clothing and the new EpiPen. McDonalds couldn’t do anything for us and neither could the police – the police couldn’t do anything because to them, nothing valuable was in her bag. The police were absolutely useless.  So finally after running around and realizing there was nothing we could do, we found another pharmacy that sold EpiPens, bought one and ran around to find the bus we needed. Dolev was so helpful because he translated everything for us (he speaks Spanish). He also found us a the bus we needed to get on (we had missed the first one we were going to take)

We were en route to the airport.  Ariella was a CHAMP in both of these situations. It was a crazy day! The show must go on….



  1. Awwww!!! Shalimar! This comment made me smile!! I miss you!!!!
    Poor Ariella! Such a stressful day! Thank goodness she had good, caring friends with her to get her through it! Thank G-s she s ok!!

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