Posted by: heatherlehrman | October 8, 2011

Eurotrip Part 3 – Roma!

We got to Rome at about 7AM. We had plans to take a nap but when we got to our hostel we found out that the Vatican Museum was free that day and only that day and it was only open for a certain amount of hours so we went on over to the Vatican.

The museum was really cool. We couldn’t go into the actual Vatican though because it was closed but we were able to walk around outside it.

Places we went/observations/other

–       There were nuns in all different colors. I wonder what that means?

–       We got delicious pizza (we ate a lot of pizza – every day we were there)

–       We saw a giant dog that looked like a bear

–       There are people who dress up like characters (ex: statue of liberty, mimes, movie characters, etc) and they stand in one area and “freeze” and if someone takes pictures close up or with them, the person dressed up harasses them until they give money

–       Jena and I ate gelato about 10 times in 2 days mmm

–       Ariella had to spend a lot of money replacing clothing and what not. She borrowed what she could

–       We went to the Colosseum. It was amazing! We went inside as well. This was one of my favorite things we saw in Rome

–       We stopped by Santa Maria which is this beautiful church, the Trevi Fountain (I made four wishes), Went to the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and many more places

–       I had a cold all throughout Rome

–       Some man came up to Jena and said she was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen

–       Men came up to us and gave us roses and then walked away and would run up to us 2 minutes later and try to get money from us. We gave them right back

–       We ate apples and honey for Rosh Hashana

–       Baci means kiss in Italian

–       I watched a lady force her Chihuahua into a small bag outside of a grocery store

–       We saw the same really attractive men in suits 3 times in one day. They blew us kisses and kept saying hi. Studs.

It was Rosh Hashana the second day we were there. In the late afternoon we went to the Jewish area of Rome where there the oldest Synagogue is. We got up to this gate and I asked the guards if we could get past just to see the Synagogue. He gave me a hard time. Ariella went up to him and explained that we were leaving the next day and that we are Jewish and we just wanted to see the synagogue. He gave us five minutes. We ran in and it was just stunning. There were Jews all around and services were going on. We were not allowed to go inside because we weren’t dressed appropriately but the people at the doors of the synagogue were so happy we were there. They were so upset that we couldn’t go in and that we were leaving the next day. It was so nice to be around Jewish people on the holiday, even for 5 minutes.

We walked out and sat down at this pizza restaurant/café. Ariella went in to get some coffee and when she came out we met a man, Uri who is Israeli but lived in Rome. He was very nice and gave us his card and told us that if we were ever in Rome again and wanted tours or to be around Jews to call him. Right after that the owner of the restaurant had Uri tell us that we could order anything on the menu for free. Obviously we got pizza. It was so nice to be around such nice people. The owner wasn’t even Jewish. We decided that he was just being nice and welcoming to us since we weren’t from Italy. We didn’t finish the pizza. Jena came up with a great idea to give the leftovers to someone on the street. There are a lot of people on the streets of Europe. It was a good feeling. After our crazy long day of seeing 16 different sites we went back to the hostel ready to pack our bags and leave.

For some odd reason the three of us were under the impression that that was our last day in Rome. We saw 16 things in the course of 12 hours. That night we getting ready so we could leave at 6:50AM for the airport and Jena was on the phone with her mom and her mom was asking why we were packing when we had one more full day in Rome. And Barbara Starr was right – we did indeed have one more full day in Rome. We lost it!! We were laughing so hard because we did so much in one day when we could have spread it out more.

The next morning we headed over towards the Trevi fountain. We were just sitting around enjoying ourselves and there was this creepy guy next to me with a cute puppy. I will refer to him from now on as the puppy man. As we got up to leave he got up as well. He ended up following us. He spoke to us once and asked if we wanted to go get coffee – we obviously shut him down.  We finally thought we had lost him. We had walked far and away from him, but he found us. I was expecting to bump into him again but after we ran out of the ice cream shop we never saw him again.

Throughout the day we sat in a lot of different areas and people watched. There are a lot of beautiful fountains in Rome. I loved that. At this one place we sat in, Piazza Navona, there was this old man with a boom box, lip-synching to opera music. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! It was doing the hand motions and everything. I videotaped it.  We walked through a lot of areas we saw the day before. It was a great day. We were exhausted from the day before so we went to bed early.


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