Posted by: heatherlehrman | November 11, 2011

School has started!

Not a lot has happened since my last blog post. Sorry for the wait! After Ashley left, I did a lot of sleeping in and doing nothing for a week! It was lovely.

A couple of days before school I went to Yaffo by myself. I wanted to go and walk around at my own pace and hang out on the beach. It was so nice. BTW, wherever I go, I write down random things that happen so I can tell people or blog about it. One thing that happened that day: I was walking towards the bus stop to go to Yaffo and I watched a man get into the passenger seat of a car and his hand was in the window sort of and I watched him slam the door on his fingers and I was standing right there so I opened the door quickly because he was still reacting to the pain. It was lo tov (not good).

At Dollars for Learning, I saw speaker who spoke about happiness. He made some interesting points.

The speaker asked us why people aren’t always happy? And his answer was comfort. He said when people are upset about something, it is more comfortable/easier to stay down and mope around rather than just be happy, because it takes more work and effort to be happy and change your attitude. It is so much easier said than done but anyone can literally snap out of being down if they put their mind to it. I had never thought about it like that.

He mentioned that we should be happy off the bat because of our bodies. He told us to close our eyes and picture this: You wake up in Israel (a foreign country) and can’t see anything (you go blind). You freak out and tell your roommate and the Dr. comes to your room and says to go to the hospital. So they put you in a cab in Tel Aviv and the cab drives you to the hospital. Not to mention Israelis are awful drivers – so it is a scary ride, not being able to see. You get to the hospital and they tell you that you have an infection in your eyes and will be blind for the rest of your life. And you have to pack your stuff and fly home, blind. That story really scared me. His point was that people should be SO happy off the bat because we have all of these body parts, which allow us to do so much. He said that people get so caught up with not having enough money but having our bodies make us millionaires.

He said there are three steps to being really happy in life. Step one: Make a list of everything in life that makes you happy. ANYTHING. People, things, foods, etc. Step two: re read that list everyday for 30 days and each day add to it. And he said to email him after 30 days to get step three. I am currently at 342 things and will email him on November 25. But I wont tell you what step three is because you have to do it yourself 🙂

Rifky, the wife of the couple who run Dollars for Learning took the girls to a really nice Mikvah in Jerusalem. We got to learn all about the Mikvah and why religious woman go to it. We also learned about some marriage laws. It was very interesting. I wont go into detail here – you can ask me about it if you are interested!

My classes:

I am currently taking 5 classes. I am continuing on with Hebrew, taking a class on the Arab/Israeli conflict, a class on the culture in Israel (from before Israel was a state), a class called the Essence of Judaism (reading stories from the bible – very interesting), and a class on leisure and how to be more leisurely!

Most of my classes involve a lot of reading (all except for Hebrew and my leisure class). I am spending more time in front of books than I had anticipated but the classes are all pretty interesting for the most part. My “Life and Leisure” class is a great class – we have class outside and discuss the best ways to spend your free time! We discuss what the differences are between work and leisure and what activities are considered one or the other – or both! If you are wondering, it is mostly dependent on the person. The class is about 15 students. The class met up at the beach on a Sunday night and played beach volleyball! We also went out to dinner. It was awesome. The teacher is very relaxed and is soooo leisurely!! He likes to snorkel – and he does it often at the beach along the rocks.

Over all, classes are pretty good (sometimes a little boring, but still interesting). I only have class Monday-Thursday. I would like to be traveling more on the weekends but I’ve had Dr. appointments (I’ll get to that) and a lot of homework to do so I haven’t had time.  On the bright side, Michelle (my sister) and mom are coming next week so we will be traveling around a lot, which will be great. I am so excited to see them!!

About the Dr’s: For about a solid week (it started right before school) I was getting awful headaches – migraines. They were absolutely horrible. I went to get my eyes checked because I thought maybe my eye prescription had changed but it wasn’t that. The next Dr. I went to was a neurologist. He told me to go to another Dr. to get a certain test done on my brain (which I did). THEN that Dr. told me to go to another two Dr’s but I couldn’t get appointments and then by the time I was checking for appointments it had been over a week and a half since I had a headache. I haven’t had one since! I think it was stress over school starting. I am feeling MUCH better.

I love the rain!!!! My friends and I were walking to a Shabbat dinner last Friday and as soon as we started walking it starting to POUR. Tel Aviv hasn’t seen rain like that in a long time. It was the coolest thing (minus the fact that we got soaked). Usually when it rains here, it only lasts 5-10 minutes and is usually a light drizzle. It was very cool. I knew it was supposed to rain and so I was prepared – I was so excited  to whip out my bright green rain jacket!
Other than school starting not much has been going on. I have been exploring the city more and going out to dinner more. I’ve been finding a lot of restaurants that have good deals! Tel Aviv is such a cool city.

I will blog soon about my time with my mom and Michelle!

I can’t believe I only have two months left. 58 days as of today. Time is flying by.

The moon has been full and beautiful. Enjoy it from America!



  1. I can’t wait to be a part of your next blog post!!!! I miss you SO SO SO SO much and cannot wait to get there!! Leaving on a jet plane….in 8 days!!!! YESSSS!
    I love you!! ♥

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